Braincarta choose Myrian® to industrialize its application

Intrasense(TM), specialist in medical imaging software solutions and Braincarta will cooperate to industrialize Elonav on Myrian® Studio.

Elonav, a brand-new application dedicated to specifical needs of neurosurgeons

Braincarta is a medical tech company, providing functional MRI analysis to hospitals. Their first product, Elonav, has received medical CE certification in September 2018. It offers fully automated fMRI-analysis for locating the functional areas in the individual brain responsible for Language, Working Memory and Motor functions. Elonav determines the trustworthiness of the fMRI uploaded by the client and sets a new standard for the medical community in treatment and risk reduction when preparing for patient brain treatment or therapy.

With Elonav, Braincarta as the only company worldwide enables radiology and radiotherapy departments to add fully automated and clinically validated fMRI to their imaging portfolio in order to meet the needs of neurosurgeons and neurologists. Its analysis helps them to identify and protect important brain areas when they plan and perform brain surgery on tumors and epileptic sources. With this information, surgeons can operate more difficult cases, remove more pathological tissue and reduce surgery time, all leading to better outcome and longer and better patient Quality of Life.

Myrian® Studio, the perfect solution to industrialize an innovative application

By using Myrian® Studio to industrialize its innovative application Elonav, IntrasenseTM will enable Braincarta to boost its market penetration. Braincarta has chosen to stand out in the health informatics market, making expert solutions on advanced visualization and identification of brain regions directly available to neurosurgeons on their workstation.

This strategic choice opens strong international business opportunities in the health information market, with a unique specialized visualization solution.

About Intrasense

Founded in 2004, IntrasenseTM develops and markets a unique medical device called Myrian®, a software platform that facilitates diagnosis, decision-making and therapeutic follow-up and makes them more secure. Thanks to Myrian®, more than 800 health institutions spread over 40 countries use a unique and integrated platform supporting all types of imaging modalities (MRI, scanner…). Enriched with expert clinical modules dedicated to specific pathologies, Myrian® also provides a universal image treatment solution that can be fully integrated in any health information system. IntrasenseTM includes 40 employees among which 20 are dedicated to Research & Development. IntrasenseTM has been labelled ‘innovative company’ by the BPI and invested more than 10 million euros in Research & Development since its creation. More information on

About Braincarta

Braincarta is a medical tech company, providing functional MRI analysis in the cloud. Our first product, Elonav 1.0, is received CE certification in September 2018. Elonav provides FULLY AUTOMATED fMRI-ANALYSIS. Meaning Elonav is able to fully automatically locate functional areas in the individual brain, like Language, Working memory and Motor areas. Elonav provides a reliability index on the analyzed FMRI. Elonav sets a new standard for the medical community: Better treatment of patients and risk reduction when preparing for brain treatment or therapy.

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