What do you need for Elonav

Braincarta enables your radiology and radiotherapy department to add fMRI to the imaging portfolio in order to specifically meet the needs of the neurosurgeon.

Braincarta assists in setting up the scanning protocol in order to acquire high quality fMRI data. The acquired fMRI data are uploaded to our website with an intuitive interface. The fully automatic data analysis is completed within 2 working days and is made available as a ZIP file containing the Elonav report and 3D images displaying locations of brain activity.

Usually, the request for a functional report starts with the neurosurgeon, neurologist or radiotherapist. The request is handled by the radiologist. The radiologist engages Elonav and, after receiving the fMRI results, makes them available to the requesting physician.

Braincarta will:

  • Provide the Elonav package containing
    • DVD with tasks for use during fMRI scanning
    • DVD with the same tasks for use before scanning to familiarize the patient
    • User manual (Instructions For Use) with information for scanning, for using the Elonav Webinterface for data up- and download, and for interpreting the Elonav results
  • Help with fMRI setup (projector, projection screen, DVD player) if necessary
  • Train technicians (remotely or on-site)
  • Provide rapid response to questions
  • Provide advice to improve data quality

The workflow is as follows:

  • The requesting physician orders an fMRI scan with one or more of the 7 Elonav tasks for motor, language and/or cognitive functions from the client (ie local Radiology department)
  • The MRI technician of the client acquires scans according to the detailed instructions in the User Manual
  • The MRI technician uploads the DICOM data from anatomical and fMRI scans to the secure Elonav website. The connection is secured and private, you do not perform any data analyses
  • Data are received at Braincarta and are checked for completeness or errors
  • Data are processed at Braincarta and Elonav results are made available on the secure Elonav website
  • Th Elonav results indicate reliability of the fMRi results based on comparison with a Braincarta database
  • The MRI technician downloads the Elonav results ZIP file and stores them on a PC or on the hospital PACS
  • The radiologist may provide additional comments and makes the Elonav results available to the requesting physician
  • The requesting physician can
    • review the results for treatment decision making
    • display the results for shared decision making with the patient
    • plan the treatment in treatment software (eg neuronavigator)
    • use the fMRI images during treatment (eg neuronavigation)

For facilities already employing fMRI scanning

Setting up the Braincarta system is easy. We offer support by providing onsite or remotely:

  • Instruction on use of Elonav
  • Setting up the scan protocol
  • Solving any problems

For facilities new to fMRI scanning

Before the above steps to initiate use of Elonav, a hardware setup has to be installed on site. This setup consists of additional hardware on site (i.e. a video projector, projection screen, video player), to enable presentation of video images to the patient in the scanner.

We offer support on setting up your facility for fMRI by providing:

  • Information on selection of hardware
  • Information on setting up the hardware
  • Training for data acquisition
  • + all services provided for facilities with experience in fMRI (described above).


The ‘analysis-as-a-service’ design of Braincarta places very few requirements on your facility, and is compatible with most common systems in scanning facilities including

  • Philips, Siemens and GE MRI platforms
  • BrainLab and Medtronic for neuronavigation
  • PACS for data archiving