What do you need for Elonav

Braincarta enables your radiology and radiotherapy department to add fMRI to the imaging portfolio in order to specifically meet the needs of the neurosurgeon.

Braincarta team trains or assists for setting up of the scanning protocol in order to acquire high quality fMRI data. The acquired fMRI data are uploaded to our website where different kind of analysis can be ordered with a simple click. Braincarta delivers digital results within 24 hours which consist of quality analysis of the fMRI data and a reliability report of the activation pattern.

Usually, the request for a functional report starts with the neurosurgeon or neurologist. The request is handled by the radiologist. The radiologist engages Braincarta and, after receiving the report, enters his evaluation and the Braincarta report in the medical file.

Here we reassume our service and how you can get to work with our system:

  1. We provide a DVD with fMRI tasks and guidelines for scanning to the radiologist and/or MRI technician. If necessary we can help with an fMRI setup (projector, projection screen, DVD player). No computers and no specialist needed.
  2. The MRI technician acquires scans according to our detailed protocol and guidelines, on your departments’ 1.5 T or 3 T scanner.
  3. The MRI technician uploads the DICOM data from anatomical and fMRI scans to the Braincarta website. The connection is secured and private, you do not perform any data analyses.
  4. Data are received at Braincarta and are checked for completeness or errors.
  5. Data are processed at Braincarta and a report is generated.
  6. Report can be downloaded in PDF format.
  7. Radiologist receives the results by logging on to the Braincarta website and can download functional activity maps in DICOM (operational in autumn 2016). The radiologist makes a report on the results for the requesting neurosurgeon or neurologist and enters his evaluation in the medical file.
  8. Neurosurgeon or neurologist discusses fMRI report with patient, and comes to a decision regarding surgical options and risks.
  9. Neurosurgeon uses fMRI information for choice of surgical strategy and/or for navigation.
  10. Patient benefits from informed clinical decision making and surgery preparation.

For facilities already employing fMRI scanning

Setting up the Braincarta system is easy. We offer support by providing

  • On site instruction of Braincarta system use;
  • On site setup of scan protocol;
  • On site evaluation of Braincarta system use;
  • On site inventorization of Braincarta system compatibility (with storage systems, neuronavigators, etc).

For facilities new to fMRI scanning

Before the above steps to initiate Braincarta service use, a hardware setup has to be installed on site. This setup consists of additional hardware on site (i.e. a video projector, projection screen,
video player), to enable presentation of video images to the patient in the scanner.

We offer support on setting up your facility for fMRI by:

  • Providing information on selection of hardware;
  • Providing information on setting up the hardware;
  • On site training for data acquisition;
  • + all services provided for facilities with experience in fMRI (described above).


The ‘internet as a medical service’ design of Braincarta places very few system requirements on your facility, and is compatible with most common systems in scanning facilities.

During installation we will set the correct parameters in our software for compatibility with your systems.

We are focusing on being compatible with:

  • Philips, Siemens and GE for data acquisition.
  • BrainLab and Medtronic for neuronavigation.
  • PACS for data archiving.