The Braincarta techniques are suitable for research projects where standardized protocols for fMRI, resting-state fMRI and DTI are required (multi-center / pharmaceutical / biotech studies).

Braincarta’s fully automated data processing and analysis pipelines are excellently suited for care-free handling of large numbers of subjects and scans. Automation removes the need for manual intervention and thus allows for immediate data processing 24/7 on cloudservers anywhere in the world. Processing not only organizes data from multiple subjects in a systematic and Quality-controlled manner, but also checks the quality of incoming data rapidly. That ensures early detection of data collection problems that can otherwise go unnoticed due to local lapses in data monitoring, delays related to batch-processing, lack or loss of local expertise.

Braincarta also builds on 20 years of image processing expertise at our partner the University Medical Center of Utrecht. The platform we can offer consortia and pharmaceutical or biotech industries contains all open-source fMRI and DTI processing software (eg SPM, AFNI, FSL, ExploreDTI, DTI Studio).