Every neurosurgeon, neurologist and radiotherapist should have access to location of functions in the brain relative to brain lesions to assess the impact of potential treatment near eloquent cortex.

Lack of standardized protocols, and threats to reliability of the results due to invisible but significant artifacts stand in the way of wide clinical application of functional MRI (fMRI) and Fiber Tracking (FT). Braincarta creates and validates standard protocols for image acquisition, and determines the reliability of fMRI brain activity maps using fully automated data analysis programs based on many years of experience in clinical context, combined with a large database of subjects. Robust and validated fMRI data processing algorithms are incorporated in fully automated software specifically written for clinical application. With Elonav, Braincarta offers a comprehensive set of instructions on how to acquire the fMRI data, a set of fMRI tasks for in the scanner, and secure access to servers that process the data within 2 days and return detailed results to the client. Elonav eliminates the current need for trained, specialized personnel, making functional MRI accessible to most radiology departments. Elonav is clinically validated and is CE-marked (class II-A).