Braincarta BV is a spinoff from the Neurosurgery Department of the University Medical Center Utrecht. The company was founded in 2015 by Nick Ramsey (CSO and now CEO), Vincent Kersten (CTO), Marc Grootjen, Dick van Luijk and the UMC Holdings. Later Arnold Dijkstra joined as CEO (until 2020), Erik Aarnoutse as Quality Officer for regulatory aspects (ISO, CE) and Annemiek Elbertse for administrative support.

Braincarta is a medical hightech company based in the Netherlands, grown out of 20+ years of fMRI and DTI research.

Braincarta launched their first product Elonav in 2018 and obtained medical CE mark for its latest version (Release 11) in March 2021. Elonav is a fully automated functional MRI data processing program that operates on Braincarta Servers and provides clinicians with clinically validated fMRI reports and images.

Braincarta also provides a platform for processing fMRI and DTI data for Clinical Trials and Research and for Pharmaceutical Companies, based on fully automated software.

The image analysis techniques used in Braincarta are based on research conducted since 1995 in the neuroimaging research group of Prof Nick Ramsey. Ramsey’s research has been focused on obtaining robust and reproducible functional images for application in clinical trials and for application in neurosurgical practice. Expertise in the research group includes data acquisition (MR pulse sequence), data processing and interpretation, and fMRI task design. A selection of research publications from the group relevant for Braincarta can be viewed in .PDF here: BC-Relevant-Papers.

The ideas for standardized image acquisition and analysis that are the basis for Elonav have been discussed, investigated and tested in a European network of clinicians and scientists working in the field of low-grade tumour treatment since 2006 ( A study on this research and the concept of Elonav can be downloaded here.

The Braincarta mission is to help mitigate patient risk in image-guided interventional treatment of brain disorders (neurosurgery, radiotherapy etc) by bringing expert functional imaging into the realm of clinical practice, based on validated and certified procedures and combining cost-efficient and innovative technology.